World Health Day Special- Questions Related Health

Know on World Health Day answers to questions related to health that keep on growing in your mind. We have prepared these answers in consultation with 20 specialist doctors of the country. In my heath and beauty guide World Health Day Special- Questions Related Health.

World Health Day Special- Questions Related Health

Dr. Naresh Trehan Dr. G Bhakta Vatsalam, Dr. Mafazal Lakhwala Dr. Pankaj Chaturvedi Dr. Ali Irani Dr. Hemant Chaturvedi Dr. Ajay Sharma Dr. Vinay Tomar Dr. Balram Sharma Dr. Sweety Soni Dr. Manish Sharma Dr.Prangal Modi Dr. Girish Parmar Dr. Suhas Baavikar Dr. Mrinalini Kelkar Dr. Anand Deshmukh Dr. HN Diwakar Dr. Ankek Shankar Singh Dr. Sonal Anand Dr. Mukesh Desai

World Health Day Special- Questions Related Health
World Health Day Special- Questions Related Health


6 questions which are often heard

1- What to do if children miss any vaccine?If the first dose of the Rota virus vaccine does not take place within three and a half months then it can not be applied. This is not the case in other vaccines. Other vaccines can be applied to the gap of six months.

2- Often, newborn babies say jaundice? Is this right.Some children get jaundice in 24 hours of birth. Two to three days later in the other. Such children are treated with photo therapy and other forms of treatment.

3- What age should IV to IVF?If a woman is not being found in any kind of investigation due to not being able to become a mother, then IVF can be done even after 35 years of age. But if the reason for the investigation becomes clear before this age, then it can be decided to become a mother even before this age of IVF.

4- If Overy has Systha then can not a woman be a mother?75% of the system is uncertain. They do not cause problems. Most are over themselves. Those who avoid medicine and medication can treat them. But can not ignore it

5- How long the pain of chikungunya remains?Even after the recovery of B. Marie, pain can remain for three months and in some cases for one year. However, it is possible to get rid of faster than stretching.

6-How do we know that normal fever is not dengue?If the bore is more than 102 °, pain in the back of the eyes, muscle pain is constantly causing pain and it becomes rhesus on the body, it is better to test dengue on the first day itself. If there are no other symptoms but still there is a high fever, even after waiting for a day or two, the physician will definitely go.

6 questions on which to control only two diseases

1- Why is there any hesitation in taking the injection in diabetes?There is no such thing as hesitation. If the food is digested then most of the part is converted into glucose. Insulin transports glucose to the body cells, so that it is used as energy. Insufficient insulin is not possible when diabetes occurs. By taking injection, the level of sugar remains normal. There is no point in fear of injection.

2- Can diabetics also have slim people?

Slim people are victims of diabetes. Due to the accumulation of more fat around the stomach, the risk of type 2 diabetes increases.

3- Is diabetes a genetic disease?Disease is a disease caused by hereditary cardiology. If one of the parents is there, then the probability of being in the child is up to 30%. If mother and father are both, then the fear is up to 70 percent.

4- Does sweet food contain diabetes?Eating too much sweet does not cause diabetes. Nor is it necessary that those who have diabetes should stop the sugar completely. Have balanced holes of grains, proteins, green vegetables, fruits and low fat foods.

5- Do you have to take blood pressure medication for ages?Once the condition of high blood pressure is gone, then life goes on. It has to be taken medication. Medicine only controls blood pressure. Can not fix it. This is also true on diabetes.

6- Do you forget to take any blood pressure medication?If someone forgets taking a dose in the morning, then he can take dose at lunch. But if the night is up, do not take medicine. Then take it in the morning the next morning. Due to not taking medication one day, it does not make any difference in normal circumstances.

Understand 5 questions in the cause of every illness, obesity and stress

1- How do you understand that obesity has happened?And according to the people’s height, 25 kg more than it should be, obesity is. If reaching waist 36, there is a danger of many diseases.

2- If anybody’s weight is higher than childhood?Before age 5 is obesity, it can be genetic. 40 kinds of cancer, including diabetes, high blood pressure, can be due to obesity.

3- Why is stress?The brain releases cortisol hormone in chimpanzee. It increases blood pressure and sugar. Long-term stress affects brain cells, causing heart attack and stroke risk.

4- Children’s disease will be the same?No. It’s not like that. Even after having a gene transfer to the disorder, only 30% of our health depends on it. The rest 70% on our Lifestyle

5- How can immunization be increased?Strengthens the immune system. It is useful to walk at least 30 minutes a day. Keep your mind calm. An angry hormone lowers immunity.

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