World Health Day Special Tips- Questions Of The Most Serious Diseases

World Health Day Special Tips- Questions Of The Most Serious Diseases

Know on World Health Day answers to questions related to health that keep on growing in your mind. We have prepared these answers in consultation with 20 specialist doctors of the country.In myhealthandbeautyguide World Health Day Special Tips- Questions Of The Most Serious Diseases

Doctor’s Pannel

Dr. Naresh Trehan Dr. G Bhakta Vatsalam, Dr. Mafazal Lakhwala Dr. Pankaj Chaturvedi Dr. Ali Irani Dr. Hemant Chaturvedi Dr. Ajay Sharma Dr. Vinay Tomar Dr. Balram Sharma Dr. Sweety Soni Dr. Manish Sharma Dr.Prangal Modi Dr. Girish Parmar Dr. Suhas Baavikar Dr. Mrinalini Kelkar Dr. Anand Deshmukh Dr. HN Diwakar Dr. Ankek Shankar Singh Dr. Sonal Anand Dr. Mukesh Desai

Questions of the most serious diseases

1- What to do immediately in the heart attack?

1 Aspirin 325 mg +1 Atvastatin 80 mg + 2 tablets Cloptab 150 mg Price: Under Rs 35

They know that there is a risk of heart attack, they should keep these life-saving drugs all the time. In the event of an attack all these pills have to eat with water. This will give you three hours. So much time is enough to reach the hospital. Chest pain, gas complication, left hand, neck, back pain, unnecessary sweating, feeling a little weakness, dizziness. The identity of the attack is.

2-What are the home remedies for keeping kidney healthy?

Children up to 14 years of age should drink 1200 to 1500 ml of water. Overweight people should drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily. Some people drink water almost once a liter once a day. This method is wrong.

3- If there is no problem in the kidney, but what should be done?

Even if you do not have a blemish, then the stone should be removed and hence the treatment should be done. Long-standing stone produces instinal nephritis. There is a possibility of getting pregnant in the kidney and stopping kidney work.

4- What is the 4-liver cirrhosis?

If a part of the upper part of the veneer is damaged then there is wound. Fibreasis is processed for auto wounding. This is dangerous, because in it a lot of liver goes away. It is only possible to know if it is initially detected. Later, only transplant is the solution.

5-Does the liver make itself again?

Yes, after donating, the donor’s liver makes itself again. But it would be wrong to say that it will come completely in the old shape. Normally the liver is fully generated in three months.

6- What is the relationship between heart disease and high blood pressure?

The blood pressure, reaching 130, is kept in the Risk and after reaching 150, the risk of heart disease becomes double. The greater the risk of heart disease, the greater the risk of blood pressure.

7- What are the biggest risk factor for cancer?

Tobacco is the most cancerous cause in India. The second number is alcohol. Fourth on the fourth, obesity on the fourth. Then there are some other reasons for it. Like pollution caused by pesticides, water, air and soil used in food items, they also increase the cancer risk factor.

8- Is Breast Cancer Is Genetic?

In just 10% of cases, breast cancer is reported only for genetic reasons. In other cases, its family history is not available. There may be other causes which can be similar to other types of cancers.

So theseare the World Health Day Special Tips- Questions Of The Most Serious Diseases.

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