World Heart Day 29 September Covid19

 We are going to discus in my health and beauty guide Special on World Heart Day 29 September 2020 Covid19

 Corona attacks occur most quickly on weak mechanisms.  Be it liver, pancreas, lungs or heart.  Precaution and full consideration will only be able to get out of this phase …

World Heart Day 29 September Covid19

 It is important to save the ‘heart’ .

 In the Corona period, all types of diseases have come at the center of discussion.  Six months before today, we did not even know the effect of the virus, we were only seeing the effect of the information coming from China, today its widespread impact, its associated damage and the effect on the body is much better.  Know.

 Primarily, a person infected with corona has fever, cough.  Indications for the progression of infection are – difficulty in breathing, chest pressure or tightness, blue lips, which can be fatal.  There is a warning that the elderly and patients with diabetes, heart and cancer are particularly at risk.  That is why we were asked to keep masks and distances.

 Despite the thousands of instructions by social distancing, masks and sanitizers, the social behavior that came into view with the passing weeks was more disregarded.  There was no fear of Covid, people were joining the crowd.  And those who really needed help were apprehensive about not going to the doctor.  Both these conditions are compatible with the spread and loss of Covid.  They have to be dealt with.



World Heart Day 29 September Covid19
World Heart Day 29 September Covid19


Few months  of Corona have taught

 Today, ‘Safety is the only way to save the mantra’.  For those who are already struggling with some major disease, remembering this mantra and implementing it with full vigor will be said to be like nectar.  If you talk about the mask in particular, then its proper use can prove to be helpful to a great extent.  We can say for heart patients or anyone suffering from any disease that being careful is the only way to fight kovid.  But there is no need to be negligent about the disease by avoiding very important investigations or regular checkups with your doctor.  You have to take care of a few things.

Mask care

Those who are suffering from diseases, people suffering from other diseases, the elderly are required to go out of the house, they are advised to wear N95 mask without filter.  If you wear another mask, it is three-layer.  Wear an N95 mask on top of a one-layer surgical mask if you have to go to the hospital for necessary checkups.  Do not apply the mask at all.  Wear the mask correctly covering the nose and mouth completely.  Heart patients should keep four masks of N95 at home.  When you come home from outside, assume that there is a virus on the top layer of the mask.  Keeping one paper on top of the mask, remove the loop of the mask with one hand so that the upper surface remains inside the mask paper without applying the hand.  Leave the mask inside and keep the paper folded.  Do not use this mask for the next four days.

Social Distancing

 This rule also needs to be strictly followed like a mask to be investigated.  Be it office or market or hospital, keep a distance from people.  Social distancing will prevent infection.

Need to check

 As of now, doctors are also guiding patients on the phone or on video calls, but if they have to go to see the doctor, then ask them about all the necessary precautions.

Heart patients may also notice signs of a heartbeat or heart problems due to stress.  But whatever the symptoms are, you should understand the reason for it, but do not take any steps without medical advice or guidance, nor ignore the symptoms.  It can be very deadly in this period.  Always keep in mind: Negligence can be fatal, so do not skip precautions.

Food & Drinks for Heart Patients

 The patients know the condition of their heart.  Therefore, take medicines on time without any ill effects.  Stay away from the items which are prohibited in food and drink.

 At the moment, there is no scope to get out for a walk, even then do exercise or yoga at home.  Whatever posture or exercise you have chosen, consult your doctor once about them, only then start to follow.

 • Blood pressure control is very important for heart patients.  Exercise, eat a balanced diet and stay away from stress.

 • Control weight.  Increased weight may increase the risk of disease.

Do not avoid  Heart treatment

  Cardiovascular treatment should not be avoided such as angioplasty due to corona.  Nowadays radial angioplasty, which is performed by the wrist, is available.  It does not have to stay in the hospital, so this time is a better option.

This instruction is for all people in Covid 19 –

  If eating in the office, keep the same method of removing the mask as described for the house and then wash hands, entire face, ears and palms with soap thoroughly till elbows.  – Put any hand outside the house, then immediately sanitize the hands.  Make this habit

World Health Day Special- Questions Related Health

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Aamukh • Dr. Sanjay Chugh DM Cardiology, AIIMS, New Delhi



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