Understanding High Cholesterol: A Quick Guide 

Cholesterol is like a friend in our body, but too much can be bad.

It's like a traffic jam in blood vessels, making it hard for blood to move. 

Bad food, like fried stuff, can add to the traffic jam. 

Veggies and fruits are like superheroes that help fight the traffic jam. 

Doctors can check your blood to see if there's too much cholesterol. 

Exercise is like a game to keep the blood vessels strong and happy. 

If cholesterol is too high, doctors might give special medicine. 

Don't worry, with good food and fun play, you can keep cholesterol low. 

Ask grown-ups about heart-healthy foods – they'll know what's yummy. 

Remember, a happy heart needs a healthy road for blood to travel! 

What Does High Cholesterol Mean For Healthy Heart