8 Easy Steps Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

According to the Indian Cancer Society, about 1.5 million people in India can get cancer in the next 10 years.  Of these, 50 percent will be incurable.  That is, cancer can emerge as a major problem in our country in the next decade.  But we can Reduce The Risk Of Cancer by taking small steps.

Reduce The Risk Of Cancer
Reduce The Risk Of Cancer


These 8 small steps will reduce the risk of cancer

Reduce Salt

Research by the Cancer Council and much similar research has found that the intake of salt in high amounts increases the risk of cancer of the stomach and alimentary canal by up to 50%.  Processed food such as pickles, breath, fast foods, salty foods, etc. have high salt content avoid them to reduce the risk of cancer. The amount of salt in a daily diet should not be more than 5 grams i.e. a teaspoon.


Take Morning Sunlight

According to research by the Institute for Cancer Research, vitamin D is helpful in preventing cancer in the body. For this, eating half an hour of sunlight in the morning is a better solution.  This protects against many cancers including BEST, prostate, colon.  However, excessive exposure to sunlight can cause skin cancer.  Do not stay in the sun too much between 11 am to 4 pm.


Do not Eat in plastic

Excess use of plastic can also cause cancer, especially eating or drinking hot things kept in plastic polythene increases the risk of cancer.  Bisphenol A (BPA) in plastics according to various research.  There is a chemical that changes the structure of cells and increases the risk of cancer.


Reduce red meat intake

Consumption of red meat such as mutton and beef and processed meat increases the risk of bowel (colon) cancer.  It has been proved in many research that excessive intake of processed meat also increases the risk of gastric cancer.  To avoid or at least avoid consuming processed meats (such as bacon and sausage).


Control weight

Increased weight is not only responsible for diabetes or heart diseases.  According to the Indian Cancer Society, obesity is more likely to cause breast, pancreatic, cheek bladder, alimentary cancers.  So include a half-hour walk daily or evening in your routine and a 30-minute workout at least five days a week reduce the risk of cancer.


Say no to alcohol and Smoking

Smoking increases the risk of lung, mouth, bladder, kidney, cervix, alimentary canal and throat cancer.  This fear is not only among smokers but also in their family members.  If you drink alcohol along with smoking, the risk of cancer doubles.  So it is better to quit smoking, tobacco, and alcohol from today.

Get enough sleep

Sleep and cancer are directly related.  It is necessary for an adult person to sleep at least seven hours – (maximum 8 hours) after a day’s fatigue.  Adequate sleep not only prepares our body for the next day, but it also helps in fighting various infections and free radicals which is a major factor of cancer.

Get cancer screening

Do not hesitate to get the screening done when you see a few symptoms of cancer.  Treatment of cancer is possible when caught in time.  The cases of breast, cervical, prostate, mouth and large intestine are more common.  Their testing facility is also available in small towns.  These tests are not only easy but also not very expensive.


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To conclude, actively managing one’s health and lifestyle is crucial in reducing the risk of cancer. Solid evidence underscores the importance of a well-rounded diet and regular exercise, as well as steering clear of carcinogens like tobacco and excessive alcohol consumption. Incorporating preventive actions such as routine health screenings, vaccinations, effective stress management, and seeking immediate medical consultation for any abnormal symptoms also plays a vital role in lowering the likelihood of cancer. Although genetic predispositions are influential, making informed lifestyle choices and adhering to preventive health measures can greatly reduce these risks. By adopting these proactive practices, individuals can enhance their health prospects and potentially reduce the risk of cancer, thereby fostering a healthier and more robust community.

source by

Danik bhasker
Dr.  Shoaib Zaidi
Surgical Oncology Indraprastha Apollo, New Delhi
Dr.  Kanchan Kaur
Director, Cancer Institute, Medanta The Medicity, Gurugram

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