World Cancer Day Special / Cancer Causes Types Symptoms How to Control Cancer Effect of Diabetes

World Cancer Day Special / Cancer Causes Types Symptoms How to Control Cancer Effect of Diabetes

Today is a World Cancer Day 4 February 2018.we discuss in my health and beauty guide about World Cancer Day Special / Cancer Causes Types Symptoms How to Control Effect of Diabetes. Cancer was previously known as incurable disease, but new techniques of research and treatment are continuous awaiting hope.
World Cancer Day Special / Cancer Causes Types Symptoms How to Control Cancer Effect of Diabetes
World Cancer Day Special / Cancer Causes Types Symptoms How to Control Cancer Effect of Diabetes

Cancer will be easier when Diabetes under controlled in life

World Cancer Day Special – Both diabetes and cancer are serious diseases, whose results are extremely fatal. There is a double connection between different types of cancer and blood sugar. Where people with diabetes increase the risk of developing certain types of cancer, the same cancer cells use blood sugar as a fuel. Generally, cells increasing at normal rates and in uncontrolled manner are defined as cancerous cells. They squeeze the body’s nutrients on a large scale, which leads to further increase in cancer. In addition to glucose, cancerous cells need other nutrients, such as amino acids and fat. That’s why he also absorbs them.

Symptoms of Cancer

World Cancer Day Special – Fatigue, sudden loss of weight, thirst, vomiting or pain in the back, feeling of nausea, vomiting, and change in the shock process. Cancer risk increases with type -2 diabetes. Type -1 diabetes is genetic in diabetes whereas type -2 diabetes is not genetic. People with type -2 diabetes have a higher chance for cancer. There is a direct connection between the amount of sugar in the blood, the production of insulin and cancer cells. High Blood Pressure Sugar Can Be Oncogene sis To Build Cancer Cells Due To Insulin Resistance. Cancer-induced cells have many insulin receptors, so they respond more actively to the ability to promote insulin growth than normal cells.

 Same Reason of Diabetes and Cancer

World Cancer Day Special – Diabetes increases obesity and increases the risk of 13 different types of cancer (breast, colon, uterus, kidney, pancreatitis, esophagus etc.) in the person. Actually, after smoking, obesity is the only cause of cancer that can be avoided.

90% of the Cancer is not Genetic

World Cancer Day Special- Diabetes increases the risk  if there is diabetes in a father, uncle, maternal or close relatives in the family. Although cancer is not genetic, but there is a change in the DNA of the genes in it. Similarly breast, uterus, thyroid, blood, kidney, prostate cancer affect genetically. If this is the closest relationship to the family, then these cancers are likely to be forwarded to them. One out of 7 women is at risk of breast cancer but in close relationships like aunt, aunt, mother, one in three women can be cancerous.

The effect of control of diabetes

World Cancer Day Special – Met-forming medicine given to control diabetes has also shown good effect on cancer patients. Therefore controlling diabetes, controlling obesity, and keeping the body active is very important. If the Body Mass Index means that the body fat is high according to the muscles, then the risk of cancer is increased, because hormone imbalances and cholesterol increase, thereby increasing the risk of breast, colon, prostate, oral cancer.

Take care of these things

World Cancer Day Special – Sugarcane jag should be discontinued with white sugar. Plant sugar is the natural source of sugar like Fruit sugar, it should be taken only. If the cancer has been cured, then the risk of recurrence will be reduced.

BMI be 25 is the best

World Cancer Day Special – Body mass index should not exceed 25. Waist size should be between 34 and 36 in men & between 30 and 32 inches in women. Increasing fat around the waist increases the risk of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

These are the problems when there is no sugar control.

World Cancer Day Special- Increasing sugar can become a hindrance in the treatment. If sugar level is high then it may take more time to recover through radiation treatment. Even if you have surgery, it is possible to increase the sugar level. It takes too much time to recover.

One-third of the patients are diabetic

World Cancer Day Special – Approximately 30 to 35 percent of patients coming to the treatment of cancer are afflicted with diabetes.

If there is Cancer with ‘Diabetes

Exercise 1 hour regularly for 40 minutes.
Regular yoga, pranayama, meditation is necessary for 20 to 30 minutes. It increases the level of oxygen in the body, which is beneficial to repair cancer and to control sugar levels.
Stop the sugar completely in the diet Take only natural sugar. Take more protein intake and reduce calorie intake.
Green vegetables and seasonal colorful fruits contain antioxidant elements, which are helpful in cure cancer. By eating fruits and salads 1 hour before meal, they are properly digested. Eating fruit after eating does not have any special benefit.
Red meat promotes cancer, should not eat.
Omega 3, fatty acids, fish, walnut, linseed seed food is beneficial.


 Chances of Cancer Control

Stage 1 – 90%
Stage 2 – 80%
Stage 3 – 60%
Stage 4 – 40%

 You can also read some best Alternative Cancer Treatments CancerSeek, immunotherapy, SmartDrugs, AI.
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Additional Director
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