Summer Skin Care Remedies And Mistakes

Summer Skin Care Remedies And Mistakes

Beauty Errors 

Today we discuss in my health and beauty guide about Skin Care in Summer 

  1.  Frequent Face Washing

 Skin quickly turns oily into the heat.  Regardless of the use of mild soap, frequent washing of the skin reduces the skin’s moisture, while in the summer the skin needs more hydration.  If the oil comes on the face, instead of face wash, you can use face wipes. 

2 .  Over Hydrating Moisturizers – 

Skin in Summer It is important to be hydrated but not use heavy moisturizers.  Moisturizers used in the cold should not use them in the summer.

3.  Acid – based products 

 In the summer often the acne rises.  In such cases, salicylic and haluronic acid are used to make the skin thin and The UV rays seem to have more effect.  In this situation, the use of sunscreen has to be done to protect the skin, which is not okay.  To overcome the acne, you should choose an organic alternative instead of acid. 

4 Matt Products –

 People to avoid Shiny Skin in Summer people use more Matt Products .  Applying matte powder in the sun means Blanche complex, which should be avoided.  Gel based products can be used. 

5.  Deodorant 

 If you leave home by day appointing Deodorant in the morning then it will get less time to do his job.  The result will be bad smell .  Take the evening to do the evening, and in the morning your body becomes ready for the morning.  Whether you can put it in the morning again.

So this are the Summer Skin Care Remedies And Mistakes

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