How RO Reverse Osmosis Water Bad For You | Required Minerals In Water

How RO Reverse Osmosis Water Bad For You | Required Minerals In Water

Today in my health and beauty guide we discuss How RO Reverse Osmosis Water Bad For You | Required Minerals In Water. If I tell you that your RO water purifier can make you sick, you probably will not believe it. You will resist by saying that to avoid diseases, then we have equipped the RO Reverse Osmosis water purifiers.
Most of us understand that by applying RO water purifiers in the house and servicing them once in six to eight months, they understand that they are drinking the water, it is very healthy. But the bitter reality is that this is not exactly the case. Your RO water purifier may be exposing you to those minerals, which are very important for good health.
How RO Reverse Osmosis Water Bad For You Required Minerals In Water
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What is RO in water?
Is RO water good for you?
Is RO water harmful?

Why does this happen?

All minerals, such as iron, calcium, magnesium, chloride, sulfate, etc. are essential for our body. A certain amount of them is essential for our body, not too much or too little. The work of an ideal RO purifier is to reduce the hardness of the supply of water here and balance the TDS level in which all these minerals are present in their required quantities.
The lower the TDS in the water, it feels so sweet in taste. Technicians who maintain ROs often keep the TDS level low for water to taste good and sweet. We also drink that sweet water as good medicine and do not complain.
But when the level of TDS i.e. the total diluted dissolved solvents (total dissolved solids) is reduced, the RO purifier starts filtering the required minerals as well as water.

Then what should we do?

Keep an eye on the level of TDS of water supplied from RO water purifiers in your home. It is important to service your RO water purifiers every six months and it is more important that whenever the technician who comes to the service, ask to check TDS of water. Every technician has a TDS checker device. If not, ask him to bring it.
TDS of water should be at least 80 and higher than 150 The new type of RO water purifiers are equipped with TDS controllers, which can easily control TDS level.
TDS can be controlled by putting a separate device in the old RO. If you wish, you can buy TDS check devices online, it is not very expensive. Though they do not get accurate data from them, you will find a rough, rough estimate that TDS is not too much or too little in your water.
It would be better if you have any government or private lab in or around your city, then once in a year, you should also get a water testing done. With this, TDS as well as other essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, manganese, nitrate, copper, zinc, fluoride, iron, as well as harmful substances in your water. Lads, arsenic, etc. are also known.

Required Minerals In Water

  • TDS —————————-  80-150
  • MAGNESIUM —————  25
  • CALCIUM ——————–  50
  • IRON ————————— 1.0
  • PH VALUE ——————– 7.5
  • FLUORIDE ——————– 0.5
  • CHLORIDE ——————– 50
  • SULPHATE ——————– 25

Less and more TDS, both deadly

According to the World Health Organization, due to drinking long TDS water for a long time, teeth, joints, bones, muscle spasms, weakness starts. This starts to affect the growth of children, especially the heights. If less TDS is fatal, then more TDS-that is, more minerals also are harmful to the body.
If there is more fluoride in excess TDS water then there will be deterioration in teeth and bones. Heart, nervous system, stomach, kidney related problems will increase
We Hope this Article How RO Reverse Osmosis Water Bad For You | Required Minerals In Water is useful for you, please share your opinion with us and tell us is reverse osmosis water good for you or bad.

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