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Today we are going to discuss about  Black Fungus Infection Symptoms, Treatment, Causes in my health and beauty guide. Mucormycosis, also known as black fungus, is a serious fungal infection. Black fungus infection cases are increasing in many states of the country.  The highest number of cases are reported in corona patients.  This fungus is having its effect on different parts of the body.  Expert says. Symptoms can be understood in which part of the body the infection of black fungus has occurred.  The disease is so dangerous that it can even die.  However, it can be controlled when detected in preliminary investigation. Cry is mostly for people who already have disease or take two drugs that weaken the immunity. Black fungus cases are seen 14 to 15 days after defeating Corona.  However, it has also been found in some patients to be positive. We also have to fight black fungus with Covid…


black fungus
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 What are black fungus symptoms?

  • Redness or pain in the eyes
  • fever
  • cough
  • headache
  • shortness of breath
  • blurred vision
  • vomiting
  • mental state changes

May be black fungus symptoms.

How does black fungus enter in the body?

The Black fungus in the environment reaches our body through the breath.  If there is any kind of cut or wound in the body, then black fungus infection can spread in the body from there as well.  If black fungus is not identified in the early stages, it can also prove to be fatal.  Eyesight can be lost.

To whom do Black Fungus infections occur?

 This happens to people who are diabetic, who have cancer, who have had an organ transplant, who have been taking steroids for a long time, who have a skin injury, and even a premature baby can have it.  People who are having corona also have a weakened immune system.  If a high diabetic patient has corona, then his immune system becomes more vulnerable.  In such people, the possibility of spreading black fungus infection is increased.

How to avoid black fungus?

  •  Avoid construction work and dusty areas.
  •  Wear gloves with full sleeves while gardening or farming.
  •  Avoid going to the place where drainage water is collected
  •  When necessary work came out only after putting on masks and glasses.

How dangerous is black fungus?

  Black fungus does not spread from one patient to another, but how dangerous it is can be gauged by the fact that 54% of its patients die.  This fungus destroys the area in which it develops.  It can be avoided if treated on time.

 Black fungus infection occurs in two ways

 Symptoms change according to the place of black fungus infection.  Experts say, depending on which part of the body the infection of the black fungus is based on, it shows symptoms.  Black fungus is an infection of Mucormycosis in two ways.

 1. Rhino orbital cerebral Mucormycosis

 When the infection of this fungus occurs through breath, the nose, eyes, mouth are infected.  From here the infection can also reach the brain.  In such cases, symptoms such as headache, runny nose, nasal pain, nose bleeding, swelling on the face, skin color are seen.

 2. Pulmonary Mucormycosis

 When the black fungus particles in the air reach the respiratory system, they directly affect the lungs.  In this case, symptoms such as fever, chest pain, cough or bleeding during coughing are seen.  In some cases it reaches the stomach.  As a result, it also affects the stomach, skin and other parts of the body.

Higher risk of infection in such patients

 AIIMS director Dr.  Randeep Singh Guleria says that cases of black fungus were initially appearing in patients with diabetes whose blood sugar was increased.  But there is also a risk of cancer patients taking chemotherapy.  In addition, patients taking immunosuppressant drugs that weaken the immune system are also in the risk zone.  Dr.  Its cases are increasing among Corona patients, says Guleria.  Many cases have been reported in AIIMS.

Why corona patients have black fungus infection

  Experts say that the type of drugs given during the treatment of corona reduces the number of lymphocytes in the body.  These lymphocytes are part of the white blood cells which helps in fighting diseases.  Immunity decreases as the number of lymphocytes in the body decreases, resulting in an increased risk of fungal infection.  Hence cases of black fungus are appearing during the treatment of corona victims or after recovery.

Reaches through breath

 Most fungus present in the environment reaches our body through breath.  If there is any kind of wound in the body or the body is burnt, then this infection can spread from there.  If it is not detected in the initial stages, then the eyesight can go away or the part of the body in which these fungus is spread, that part can rot.

 Where is black fungus found?

 This fungus can live anywhere in the environment, especially in ground and rotting organic matters.  It is found in leaves, rotten wood and compost food.

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