World No Tobacco Day 31 May Quit Tobacco

World No Tobacco Day 31 May Quit Tobacco

Tobacco consumes every 11 minutes of life

Today is World No Tobacco Day 31 May 2019
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Today in My health and beauty guide we discuss Tobacco 
Today is World No Tobacco Day 31 May 
Tens of millions of people worldwide become victims of many serious diseases. Along with being a victim of illness, many people go to the mouth of death. In spite of this, millions of people, even teenagers, are addicted to tobacco use. Today, tobacco affects not only the minds of adolescents but is also causing harm to the new generation. Several campaigns have been launched to make the tobacco and smokers aware and rescue their habit of addiction. One of these is World Tobacco Prohibition Day. World No Tobacco Day is celebrated on May 31. This day is celebrated every year to make people aware of the dangers of tobacco consumption.

You are not eating Tobacco you eat Chemicals

Tobacco contains many dangerous chemicals, which are harmful to the body. It contains nicotine, which is an addictive chemical. It shows a fast response. The cigarette’s bad habit and pond seem to be due to this chemical. Benzene coal is a burning substance such as coal and petroleum, which helps in burning cigarettes. This chemical may cause blood cancer. Ammonia is used in toilet cleaners and dry clean liquids. Ammonia separates nicotine from the tobacco into the gas. The same, due to acetone inhalation, people in the lungs cause asthma, pneumonia, and TV.

Tobacco is Slow poison

Slow poison in the country is causing the death of a youth. Many families are being devastated every year in the country. When it starts with hobbies, it becomes a habit and when it does not have any idea about it. According to a study, the deaths of most of our country are coming from tobacco-related diseases. This leads to cancer of the mouth, throat, nose, diet pipe, lungs, liver, rectum, and screen. 90% of the reasons for cancer are tobacco, which is consumed in different forms.

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