Corona Virus Rumors And Truth

Corona Virus Rumors And Truth

Today we are going to clear the Corona Virus Rumors And Truth in my health and beauty guide.

Corona Virus Understand the truth of misconceptions related to it.

 Many types of questions are arising regarding the corona virus.  There are many misconceptions as well.  Through this related question, two experts try to understand the coronavirus and its effect.

 1.  Will it only affect the elderly or children?

 It is true that it can have a great impact on very young children and elderly people above 70 years of age.  This is because their immunity is relatively weak.  In this case, not only corona, other diseases are also at greater risk.  Pregnant women can also fall prey to it.  The person who suffers from chronic ie chronic diseases, ie those who have diseases related to kidney, liver and heart disease.  They too can get affected quickly.  But this does not mean that the normal person is completely safe.  Like the common flu, it can cure anyone.  So be cautious.

 2 .  Are alcohol drinkers not at risk?

 This is a myth spread in social media.  It spreads due to the fact that the virus can die in more than 60% of alcohol.  But the alcohol that is drunk does not contain such an amount of alcohol.  Rather, alcohol will weaken the liver which will give more chances to attack the virus.

 3.  Should every person wear a mask?

 If a person with a virus sneezes – coughs, then these viruses can be in the bandages of the liquid.  They affect maximum distance of 5 to 6 feet.  Therefore, a person suffering from any kind of moment should wear a mask or put a cloth on the mouth while coughing.  In addition, individuals who are engaged in the care of such patients should also wear masks.  But not every person should wear a mask, it is not necessary.  Just keep a distance of 5 to 6 feet from the person sneezing or coughing.

  4.  Is it a symptom of corona even if the nose is runny?

  Coronavirus first has fever.  This is followed by a dry cough and then a week later there is difficulty in breathing.  That is, dry cough after fever is one of the main symptoms.  See a doctor as soon as these symptoms occur.  Pneumonia develops in a critical condition and then causes death.  The coronavirus does not have phlegm and therefore does not even run down the nose.  It is a symptom of the common flu, not of coronavirus.

 5.  Can products coming from China also contain coronavirus?

  Coronavirus or any other virus spreads mostly through contact with infected people.  Therefore, it is very unlikely that Coronavirus can also come here with all goods coming from China to India.  Yes, an infected person meets you and hands over any of your belongings or sits on your chair table, then clean it, because it may contain virus.  Avoid visiting any hospital or suspicious places where people with corona are present.

  Two habits will protect against infection

 Wash your hands with soap and water at least five times a day.  If you are out of the house, you can also use sanitizers.  If you go outside, you can also keep a paper napkin so that if you touch anything in a public place, then first wrap the palm with a paper napkin, then touch it.
 The mouth, eyes and nose are easy routes for any infection to enter the body.  So wash your hands thoroughly before touching them.

 Will the corona virus end in summer?

 Dr .  Aggarwal: Increasing the temperature reduces the growth of the virus, especially in the temperature of 38 – 40 degrees and hence we can expect that the effect of coronavirus will also reduce with the increase in heat.  However, the virus may still remain in some places.  Which can later infect people.

 Dr. Nilkamal: When the heat increases, the growth of the common virus decreases and disappears in a way.  But a similar virus infection spread rapidly in 2003 when it became hot.  Since coronavirus is quite new and studies are being done on it.  So it is a matter of honesty that no one knows for sure what its behavior will be in summer.

This is all about Corona Virus Rumors And Truth if you have any questions or suggestions please write us in the comments.

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