Why and how migraine happens

Why and how migraine happens

To understand migraine, it is very important to understand what happens in the brain and how the pain starts. The blood flow increases in the brain. This increases the pressure on the blood vessels of the brain and the blood gets accumulated. Feels like a head is bursting. Migraines occur when the sensory modular system of the brain gets disturbed.

Why and how migraine happens, headace
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Being cramped and headache, visible hazy during headache, pain in the light of the slightest, unbearable pain, feeling weakness during work, pain in the body-skull, difficulty in hair tying, irritability


  •  Take eight hours of full sleep.
  •  Take special care of catering. Exercise. Do not stress the things.
  •  Reduce the use of gadgets. Especially before sleeping.
  •  Drink plenty of water and other liquids.
  • Wear the feet thoroughly in warm weather and dress lightly. 
  • Do not let any negative thoughts come in your mind.

Dr. Vinayak Aitou
Ayurveda Expert, Delhi

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