What Causes Belly Fat | Why Can’t Lose Belly Fat

Today we discuss in my health and beauty guide Reason of Belly Fat | Why Can’t Lose Belly Fat

Why fat accumulated in the stomach?

Flat stomachs is a dream of people. But many people struggle for it. They do everything for lose belly fat, but there is nothing that does not take the name of being low. Many people complain that the rest of the body is fine, but the fat remains on the stomach. In such case, the question arises that why does this happen? Especially men tend to have a tendency to get more fat on their stomachs, while on women’s hips. Hormonal imbalance is also responsible for belly fat.
What Causes Belly Fat Why Can't Lose Belly Fat
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Types of Fats 

There are two main types of fats Subcutaneous and Visceral 
  • Subcutaneous is fat that sits under the skin. It is low dangerous for body 
  • Visceral fat is dangerous then subcutaneous and it spreads surrounds a person’s organs like liver and other abdominal organs. It will increase the risk of chronic diseases.

Harmon’s imbalance is responsible for spoiling fitness and the major reason for stomach fat

1. Testosterone

It is a male hormone. Due to the effect of this, men usually get the apple-shaped body (Apple Shape) after the accumulation of more fat (forgetful fatty) around the stomach and inner organs in the internal organs, which appear as their belly fat. It increases the risk of multiple diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, colorectal cancer, sleep apnea, High Blood Pressure (BP) with it.

2 Insulin 

When there is an imbalance of this hormone, extra energy in the body begins to accumulate fat in the stomach. Obviously, this stomach starts to grow bigger. Apart from this, there is a victim of diabetes.

3. Cortisol Hormone

Cortisol hormone production occurs in excessive amounts in the body due to excessive stress and lack of sleep. With this, the body goes into calorie saving mode, which makes it energy protected by fat and storing it. At the same time, it also performs water retention, which shows the stomach bloating.

4. Estrogen 

Its imbalance increases the fat of women. Often, estrogen hormone levels decrease after menopause or PCOD disease, and testosterone levels increase. Due to this, women also get a stomach like men

Trans Fat 

Those who have a habit of eating more quantity of bread, biscuits, high-calorie bakery products, and packaged foods, their stomach is often bloated. The main reason is that these food products contain high amounts of Trans fat, salt, and some harmful preservatives, which cause water retention and stomach inflammation.

Due to these reasons belly Fat increases.


Those who consume a lot of alcohol, too much fat is stored in their stomach. This condition is called ‘beer belly’. Due to this also, stomach blow appear.
Those who are chain smoker they are in danger zone smokers had more belly fat then the normal person and they had also a lot of Visceral fat.
Using Long term Medicines

Generally in some cases if a person is suffering form some diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and so on then they are using drugs for long time. Some drugs are notorious these are also the reason for belly fat. If person using steroid for some reason like body building and for disease .


 In some cases we generally find that genetics play a major role in body. In fact Genes can regulate human behavior, metabolism, body type and diseases also like belly fat.


Lack of Sleep

Normally human body wants alt least 8 hours sleep for better mind and body processing. If there is lack of sleep then the body wants excess amount of foods. Even due to poor sleep mind get disturb and can get bad habit of eating poor quality of foods, for these deposit excess amount of fats in belly.

Why is belly fat dangerous?


If the body cross the line of body mass index (BMI) is overweight that means body attract lots of major diseases. Excess belly fat can increase the risk of many dangerous diseases like
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart attacks
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Colon cancer
  • Asthma
  • Breast cancer
  • Dementia
  • Pregnancy related problems
  • Impotency 
  • cholesterol
  • Acne problem
  • Insomnia
  • Back bone

What do we do How to reduce belly fat ? 

We can not change the genetic makeup i.e. the texture of the gene, the face and the balance of the hormone, but we can change our lifestyle. It’s in our hands. Take balanced meals to reduce the fat accumulated around the stomach, which should contain enough amount of protein. Apart from this, by giving at least 30 minutes daily physical activity, Tummy Fat hard be controlled, but we can make it in shape.
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