Vajrasana Posture Amazing 6 Vajrasana Benefits

Today we are going to tell you about Vajrasana Posture Vajrasana Benefits. As we are going towards luxury, we are getting away from work. Today, all our work easily gets sitting at home. Because of which many different types of problems are arising. One of which is obesity fat Due to obesity, many kinds of diseases occur.


Vajrasana Posture Vajrasana Benefits
Vajrasana Posture Vajrasana Benefits


Vajrasana Yoga

Due to today’s irregular day-to-day routine, there are problems like obesity, dyspepsia indigestion, gas, and fat growing in every household. Those who can be easily rid of with yoga.

Yoga is the ancient heritage of India. We all know that today, the world has decided to make Yoga Day on June 21 every year that has been recognized. Although there is a lot of Yoga , from which problems can be overcome, but today we will discuss about one of these simple yoga.

Vajrasana Posture which is quite simple yoga, its special thing is that, it can also be done after 5 minutes of eating. Vajra means tough, strong, doing this posture strengthens our legs, part of the thigh and lower part of the waist. vajrasana Posture is also known as diamond pose.


Vajrasana Posture


  • After 5 minutes of food, lay a blanket at a flat spot and sit.
  • After this, Fold your legs and sit in such a manner that your heel touches your butt.
  • Now, keep the thumbs together with each other and the hip should come between both the ankle.
  • Make a difference in both ankles.
  • Both your hands on knees, the body is straight, the eyes closed, and gradually leave the body loose.
  • Gradually take long deep breathing and leave.
  • In this posture, stay as long as you feel comfortable, only for 2 to 5 minutes in the beginning.


Vajrasana Benefits

  • Lose weight, makes body slim and fit, reduces body fat and fat around the stomach.
  • Removes irregularity of menstruation in women.
  • By removing disorders such as indigestion, gas, constipation, acidity, increases digestion power.
  • By removing the disturbance of the mind, it increases the concentration.
  • Reduces high blood pressure.
  • Removes problems related to foot muscles, knee pain, arthritis.


So these are the some Vajrasana Benefits


Vajrasana Precautions


  • Pregnant women don’t do vajrasana Posture
  • Do not indulge in joints with angina, suffering from arthritis disease.
  • If you feel an excruciating stomach pain due to dizziness, pain in the ankle, waist pain, or any other joint pain, then immediately stop this practice. Gently massage your ankle with your hands and try after a few days.

If there are any problems related to joints or if there is an operation, then consult a doctor once

If you like these Vajrasana Posture Vajrasana Benefits post what you think about these article is useful for you then comment below the comment section.

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