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In my health and beauty guide, we discuss Skin Wrinkles what causes wrinkles under eyes. Before time, that is to say, that wrinkles on the skin in the puberty only have become a major problem of today’s era.  Many people are upset about this.  Another big problem related to skin acne is that today’s younger generation is struggling.

Deterioration of the skin, wrinkles on the skin at the earliest, skin rashes and the biggest cause of acne on the face is our poor lifestyle, whose diet is also an important part.  We can easily solve this problem related to the skin by focusing on our diet.  Diet and Wellness Expert is telling – about 5 things that affect the skin.

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Fried Foods

Deep fried things have a very negative effect on the skin, whether it is brown or paddy or kachori-samosa-pakoda.  The body needs a certain amount of oil (maximum 20 ml per day), but when it takes more, its effect also affects the other parts of the body as well as on the skin.  It causes the skin to swell and its result comes in the form of acne and wrinkles.  Therefore, at least some of the deep fried things, which have very little nutritional value.

Consume Transfats

Processed foods such as cream biscuits, cookies, cakes, puffs, etc are often used in vegetable ghee or  Margarine (artificial butter) is used.  These two are Transfats.  Transfats not only increase the risk of stroke and heart attack. But also imbalances in the body’s hormones.  The result of which comes out in the form of wrinkles in the skin prematurely.

Eat more Carbohydrates

Carbohydrate is very important for our body, but more than enough of it can cause many types of harm.  There is also a loss in the skin.  Especially the items like refined white sugar, rice, flour, and pasta have such types of embosses that affect the skin directly.  It reduces the brightness of the skin and increases acne and wrinkles.

More use of Dairy Products

At some point, it was believed that milk and curd are very beneficial for the skin.  They are also beneficial, provided they are completely clean.  But in most places today dairy products are being procured through commercial farming where animals are extracted from the injection of hormones and their milk is extracted.  The effect is also on people who consume milk and milk products.  This may cause the hormonal imbalance in the body, causing wrinkles before time.  Therefore, the use of dairy products must definitely be used.  There is no ban in this, but do not rely on them completely.

Red meat

The amount of saturated fat in Red meat such as mutton is very high.  Many studies have proven that saturated fat is not only dangerous for the heart but also can lead to many problems related to skin.  The total amount of Red meat in total food intake should not exceed 10 percent.


Excessive alcohol consumption can also damage the skin and these cause wrinkles.  Those who consume both Red meat and Alcohol, they need to be more vigilant.
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