Skin And Hair Care Tips For Holi

Welcome to My Website My Health and Beauty Guide topic Skin And Hair Care Tips For Holi  First of all, Happy Holi in advance holi is coming and we all  love Holi and enjoy Holi. But keep in mind that this time do not use Harmful Chemicals. Only play Holi with Natural Color. And play Holi as safe as possible. Protect your skin and hair as much as possible, because our hair and our skin become very rigid, dry and damage due to Holi’s color.

Skin And Hair Care Tips For Holi

So let’s talk about how we can take care of our hair and our face after playing Holi and before playing Holi. Today we discuss Holi Precautions, how to take care of hair, how to remove holi color from face, what to apply on face before playing holi

Skin And Hair Care Tips For Holi
Skin And Hair Care Tips For Holi

Skin Care Before Playing Holi

Skin care before playing Holi, mix both the moisturizer and sunscreen on your face and apply it well. It keeps moisture in your face and also produces from sunlight. Because Holly is often played outside the house. Coconut oil can also be applied for moisture. But putting oil will make your face oily and black.Nowadays, doing everything, we have got used to drawing photos. Selfies have trends. No one will want that his photo is bad. Or we do not feel good in comparing the others.

Skin care before playing Holi you can use oil to make moisture in the body Coconut oil or mustard oil is one of the best options. Massage them thoroughly in the entire body. Due to these your body will remain full of moisture. At the same time, if someone puts a solid color on you, he will not easily enter your body.

What To Wear For Holi

Try to wear clothes that cover your body completely so that your body will not color correctly.

Nails And Lips Care Before Playing Holi

Lip balm can be applied to reveal your lip. There will also be moisture in the lip.

Girls or women use nail polish to protect their nails. Whose color does not go to their nails because it is very difficult to get rid of the nail color.

How To Protect Hair From Holi Colors

How to protect hair from holi colours, do not wash your hair two days before playing Holi. Because our scalp produces natural oil, due to which one layer gets accumulated in our scalp, the advantage of this is that the direct color can not move to our scalp. And before going to Holi, you can massage coconut oil or mustard oil well in your hair.

How to protect hair from holi colours Holi did not play at all in the open hair. This will make your hair more damaged. Even if you always want to bind the hair, you can tie hair with any colorful tunic, it will also look stylish and save your hair.

After Playing Holi Skin And Hair Care Tips For Holi

How to remove holi colour from skin, Do not try to get rid of the color from your face in the same day. We often wash the face repeatedly and damage the skin. Because of which sometimes irritation or pimples fall into the skin. Do not forget to apply the good moisturizer after cleaning the face. Moisturizer will also help remove the color from your skin.

How to remove holi color from hair, Hair should be shampooed even once or twice. Do not shampoo much, hair will be rude and damaged. Do not forget to apply the conditioner after shampooing.Or even if you can have coconut oil, it will also be relieved by fatigue throughout the day.

Home Remedies Skin And Hair Care Tips For Holi

Mix yogurt and honey both well and apply it on your face. This will remove the color from your face as well as your skin will also be moisturized.

If you feel burning sensetion of your skin after playing Holi then Mix cucumber juice, rose water and aloe vera gel and keep it in the fridge, it can apply to your face when it is cold, so that the irritation of your skin will end.

Mix yogurt and lemon juice in a bowl well and apply it on your face like face pack and wash it again after 15 minutes. This will remove color from your skin.

Bananas, curd and honey can also be applied by making the face masks of these three. You moisturize your skin.

Mix the curd and fenugreek powder thoroughly to remove the color from the hair. Then put them in the hair and leave 10 to 15 minutes. It will be easily removed from the hair by washing it with plain water. After that, make a conditioner after shampooing.

Do not put any kind of harmful stuff on your screen or hair. Some people try to get rid of clay oil. Or direct lemon on your skin, it is wrong, it will stained and spots on your screen.

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