National Suicide Prevention Strategy

In today’s world, where we are understanding more about mental health, the National Suicide Prevention Strategy has come forward as a guiding light in the darkness. This article explains what it is all about – its history, key parts, challenges, successes, and how regular people and communities can play a role.

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Many people end their lives surrounded by stress, depression or fear.  They keep choking in their own mind, hiding any confusion.  It is necessary to bring them out in time.  This confusion of the mind will be overcome only by the power of the mind.

What is the National Suicide Prevention Strategy?


National Suicide Prevention Strategy
National Suicide Prevention Strategy


Why Suicide Prevention Strategy important?

Suicide is a very serious issue affecting people and communities. The National Suicide Prevention Strategy is a plan to stop this from happening. Let’s find out where this plan came from.

Where did National Suicide Prevention Strategy come from?

To really get it, we need to look back in time. People used to think differently about mental health, and that’s how this strategy was born.

10 September, World Suicide Prevention Day

There is a time in our lives when we are fighting a war with ourselves.  Some people are able to get out of it, and some get so caught up that it becomes difficult for them to find a way out.  There is a lot going on inside, but they are not able to dare to say anything to anyone.  As a result, he feels alone and feels as if it is all over.

After a time, this confusion becomes so severe that they hurt themselves to get their pain out.  In many cases, they even try to kill themselves.  Do not get stuck in this situation close to you, you can help them for this.  If such thoughts also come to your mind, then help yourself.  How is this possible, know from this article.

Suicide Reasons may be many

  • Pressure to score good in the exam
  • bad behavior at home
  • heartbreak
  • shock
  • someone bully
  • someone knows the secret and is taking advantage of it
  • shortage of money
  • pressure of something
  • someone tortures
  • domestic  Violence
  • inadvertently
  • may have been a big mistake but cannot tell anyone
  • due to physical torture, etc., can force them to do so.

Understand Suicide behavior

If anyone talks about suicide in any matter, feels depressed and his words make it seem that he is bored with life or does not want to live, then take his words seriously. If suddenly someone starts a drug or causes harm to himself

If he sleeps too much or does not sleep at all, then pay attention to his changed behavior.  Many times a person also finds ways to commit suicide on the Internet.  Also he can say goodbye to those whom he is close to in an unusual way.

Such people get angry very quickly which includes behavior like throwing things, banging heads on the wall or hitting themselves with something, crying, etc.  Observe such changes in behavior.

When such feelings come to your mind

Ask for help from your loved ones

If you are thinking of harming or eliminating yourself, then ask someone for help.  Although it can be difficult and risky to talk to anyone, it is important to talk.  Talk to someone you trust.  Talking makes the mind light and eliminates the thought of hurting oneself.

Get expert help

If you do not want to talk to yourself, you can take help of an expert.  Contact a psychiatrist and talk to your heart.  They will help you in facing these problems and maintain confidentiality.

Keep your mind busy

When something bothers you too much, try to keep your mind busy.  Get surrounded by colors and make paintings, watch a happy movie, express your feelings on pages and then tear or burn those pages.  Do the work that makes you happy, include exercise in the routine, press the stress ball, listen to music.

Stay away from bad habits

Stay between friends and family.  Do not be alone in any situation.  If you stay with people, bad thoughts will be away from your mind.  It can also happen that in the meantime you start feeling good and can keep away from bad thoughts.

Raise hands to help

Try to talk to such a person.  For this, they have to be assured that you will believe their words, listen carefully and try to find a solution.  Whatever he tells you will only be between you two people. Keep this trust in every situation. When conditions improve, prepare them to meet with a psychiatric counselor.

Keep them in front of your eyes or take them to a place where they feel good. Keep such things away from him from which he can harm himself.

Despite this, if they are not ready to talk, then talk to a psychiatrist in this situation. Apart from this, there are many institutes which help to get the victim out of this dilemma. They can call the helpline to talk about the person or tell them about their behavior, based on which the organizations help.

During the time of pandemic, people are also becoming more concerned about simple cold and cough.  People are also stressed about employment. Some had concerns earlier but due to the epidemic have increased now. Because of this, there is always a fear in them, due to which they keep feeling negative.

Crying alone, feeling shivering in hands and body, sitting alone, not showing any interest in activities that were previously very much interested, having their own anxiety and talking even when in the midst of people, lack of physical attraction and work  To go, not wearing clothes properly or showing any interest, etc. are symptoms of mental illness.

If someone shows these symptoms or he is repeatedly mentioning the issue of suicide, then pay attention to it and consult a psychiatrist.

Lavalin Malhotra, Psychologist, Akash Healthcare and Super Specialty Hospital

Parts of the National Suicide Prevention Strategy

Teaching people about mental health

This plan wants to make sure everyone knows about mental health. By talking openly and understanding, we can help prevent suicides.

Making sure everyone can get help

It’s not just about knowing; it’s about getting help when needed. The strategy wants to make sure everyone has access to support, like counseling or someone to talk to.

Getting communities involved

Communities are like big families. The plan says communities should work together to support each other and make sure nobody feels alone.

Difficulties and Good Things

People feeling bad about mental health

One big problem is that some people feel ashamed to talk about mental health. The strategy wants to change this by making it normal to ask for help.

Not enough money and help

Another problem is not having enough money and support. The National Suicide Prevention Strategy calls for more resources to make mental health services better.

Working together to help

The National Suicide Prevention Strategy believes that everyone – governments, organizations, and regular people – should work together to make a bigger impact.

Stories of Success and Change

Less people hurting themselves

The National Suicide Prevention Strategy is making a positive impact – fewer people are hurting themselves. It shows that the plan is working.

Better help for mental health

Services are getting better. From crisis hotlines to therapy, the strategy is improving how we help people with mental health issues.

How People and Communities Can Help

Talking about feelings

Individuals play a big role. The National Suicide Prevention Strategy encourages people to talk openly about their feelings, reducing the stigma around mental health.

Supporting friends and family

Communities are like a safety net. By supporting friends and family going through tough times, we can make a big difference.

What Other Countries are Doing

Helping each other with ideas

Countries share their ideas on stopping suicide. Learning from each other helps create better plans for everyone.

Learning from different plans

Understanding different cultures helps us create strategies that work in various places.

Technology and New Ideas for Stopping Suicide

Using the internet to help

In the digital age, the internet can be a support system. The National Suicide Prevention Strategy encourages using online platforms for mental health support.

Smart computers predicting who needs help

Advanced technologies, like smart computers, can predict who might need help early on, making intervention quicker.

What Might Happen in the Future

Being ready for changes

The National Suicide Prevention Strategy is flexible, ready to adapt to new challenges and changes in mental health.

Keep learning and finding better ways

Investing in research ensures we keep improving our strategies based on the latest knowledge.

Stories about People Getting Stronger

People telling how they got better

Sharing personal stories creates hope and inspiration for others facing mental health challenges.

Encouraging stories

Hearing about people overcoming tough times encourages a positive outlook on mental health recovery.

Talking About Problems and Debates

Figuring out what’s right and wrong

Debates about the ethics of suicide prevention are ongoing. The National Suicide Prevention Strategy encourages open discussions to find the right balance.

Letting people choose but helping when needed

Respecting individual choices while providing support when necessary is a key aspect of the strategy.

Making the Strategy Work in Local Areas

Small groups helping in communities

Local efforts matter. Small groups in communities can make a big impact by understanding local needs.

People who live there knowing what’s needed

Local people understand their community’s needs better. Involving them in the strategy makes it more effective.

Keep Talking and Helping

Not stopping the good work

Preventing suicide is a continuous effort. The strategy emphasizes ongoing advocacy to keep the momentum going.

Everyone working together

Engaging various stakeholders ensures a united effort in making mental health a priority.

How Helping Locally Affects the Whole World

Helping the world by helping each other

Local efforts have a global impact. By sharing successes and working together, communities contribute to global mental health.

Building a big group of helpers

Creating a worldwide network of helpers enhances collective efforts. The strategy envisions a supportive world for everyone.

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In conclusion, the National Suicide Prevention Strategy is like a roadmap to tackle the complex issue of suicide. It not only guides us on what to do but also emphasizes the importance of a world where mental health is a priority. As we face challenges and celebrate successes, this strategy lights the way for a more caring and supportive future.


Is the National Suicide Prevention Strategy effective everywhere?

It works differently in various places, but the ideas can be useful globally.

How can regular people help prevent suicide?

By talking openly, supporting friends and family, and being part of a caring community.

Can technology really help in preventing suicide?

Yes, using the internet and smart technology can play a significant role in early intervention.

Are there challenges in making the strategy work in local areas?

Yes, challenges include not enough resources and finding approaches that fit different communities.

What can governments do to support suicide prevention?

Governments can provide more resources, create mental health policies, and work with different groups for a comprehensive support system.

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