Nagasaki Day 2023 78th Anniversary of Hope

Japan's Nagasaki remembers 78 years since the 'Fat Man' bomb hit. 

PM Kishida honors victims, aims for a world without nuclear arms. 

Tragic day: US dropped second nuke on Nagasaki, ending WWII. 

'Little Boy' bomb hit Hiroshima first, causing immense suffering. 

'Fat Man' bomb killed 80,000 instantly, leading to Japan's surrender. 

Nagasaki Day spreads peace message, warns of nuclear danger. 

UN chief Guterres emphasizes no room for nuclear weapons.

Peaceful world dream: Japan works to prevent nuclear horrors. 

August 9, 1945: Dark day when Nagasaki was scarred forever. 

Let's remember Nagasaki's pain and fight for lasting peace.